Sunday, January 9, 2011

Her My Beautiful Friend

My youngest Nephew, Max, has a little trouble with pronouns. He pretty much only uses "him" or "her".  In his defense, he's 4, and he primarily learned to speak while living in China, so sometimes his accent sounds like a Chinese person who speaks English as their second language.  Don't judge him.  He's super smart.  He'll be fine. 

Anyway, this week while I was over at Mom and thems, I mentioned Andee and he turned to me and said "Her your beautiful friend?"  To which I replied (mildly choked up) "That's right, Max.  Her most definitely my beautiful friend."

Andee turned 40 this past week, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little relieved she had to go first.  I get to be in denial for four more months.  Andee handled it well, though.  We worked out any mild apprehensions we might have had about it by drinking a box of wine, watching the Sex and The City 2 movie, verbalizing our feelings at an unnecessarily loud  volume, and drunk dialing her friend it's all good.  I also got to witness her husband giving her a beautiful Tiffany necklace over a extravagant dinner at Ruth's Chris.  Never let it be said that that dude is anything less than a class act.  No one makes me feel richer than he does. (Thanks, Tracy)

2010 was hectic for me, and that is the candy-coated version of the truth.  And I'm certain, without Andee, I would have had to spend all of my very limited disposable income on therapy.  But instead, in 2010, my life got BETTER.  Even with all the crazy shit that went down.  My relationships, my mental health, my mind/body/and sprirt, all IMPROVED.  And it's not because I'm so smart.  It's because she is.  Or maybe that's just what happens when people feel unconditional acceptance.  All I know is I've never been happier.

The point is this...and I don't wanna get all sisterhood of the traveling pants about it...but it is always Andee who is pioneering the way for me. She always goes first. She's my safety net.  She clears the path, reminds me that we will always have enough, encourages me to be all of me (no matter what the consequences), and makes me feel like none of it is that big a deal.  And for a person like myself, who's prone to histrionic behavior, that is no small feat.  

She's the yen to my yang.  The half full to my half empty.  The Oprah to my Gail.  To quote the eloquent and wise Celine Dion, I'm everything I am because she loved me.  And I only mean that in a mildly tongue and cheek way.  Saying I love her doesn't seem big enough, but since I can't think of anything bigger, I'll say it anyway...I love you, beautiful friend.  Whatever age you are will always be the new 30.


  1. One of the sweetest valentines I've ever read.

  2. That's absolutely amazing. I know exactly how you feel too. I am fortunate enough to have six friends like that and I don't know where or what I'd be with out them. I love this site and both you heffers.


  3. Good thing Max wasn't given the jewelry. "Oh my rord, what a rovery neckrace!"